Influences (or Why I Write the Way I Do)

Natalie Goldberg (free-flowing writing)
Clarissa Pinkola Estes (wild woman writing)
Jane Hutchison (direct-to-the-point writing)
Ernest Hemingway (simple words writing)

Sunday, September 5, 2010


i read Yaman a story today. to keep our cybertalks interesting because she seems to be getting bored with me, seeing me every day. so whaddaya know? Yaman also surprised me today by making a 'box for mommy!'. a make shift box made from an old pink/ lavender box, with little stickers on the side and strips of paper looking like lace, on the sides and the middle. while putting on the finishing touches, Yaman was listening to my story of 'Silly Suzie Goose' (by Petr Horacek). we were actually both multi-tasking. i was saving phd work on the web ( while typing each storyline over skype and showing the corresponding illustration from the book. Yaman would be pasting, cutting here and there, while occasionally going over to the sala to get more material and yelling, 'mommy ang dami kong kalat!' with a lot of lambing. then she will read the line i just typed. she's so very good in reading already. i'm so happy. we finished the story in over 30min. she finished the box in about the same time. Yaman and I. we will never lose each other.

 Snipping, pasting...Mommy's box in the making!  A box where I can store her drawings daw. As in folded drawings? Yes Mommy!

The last of the many finishing touches. At times, I am told to 'close your eyes mommy...'

The 'first draft' of Mommy's box...apparently this is not yet finished...

From Yaman with a lot of love....Thank You Abalantung!

Closing it out na with Lola. At 4, Yaman already knows how to close Skype and the PC.

 Goodbye Anak Ko, I'll see you again tomorrow! I love you!

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