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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pride for My Second Son

 Not without 'the bite'. Rafa's penchant for all Grand Slam trophies won.

at 10:09am today, Perth time, Rafael Nadal silenced the cynics and his critiques by finally winning the US Open (2010), the only grand slam that has eluded him since 2005; proving at most the versatility of his game winning by all four of Tennis's Grand Slams (Australian, French, Wimbledon, US Open). Relegated to being called one-dimensional because he established himself originally in the clay courts of Paris (5 French Open titles), now it is no question that the hard, fast and tough pace of hardcourts are within the mettle of Rafa.

listening live to the last 2 games over BBC Radio, i didn't feel like a fan all a-gog by the win of my idol. i felt more like a mother, seeing my 'boy' come full circle in establishing himself as one of tennis's greats. it was in 2005 when he burst into the scene by winning his first French Open title. but earlier than that, sometime 10 years ago, i saw him play and lost in the first round pf Wimbledon, in one its dank outer courts.

in 2005, i was pregnant with Yaman and seeing this bemuscled pirate-like guy, in bright orange shirt (without sleeves) and white pedal, pummeling on tennis balls like fire --- how manang milet and i would cheer him on like rabid fans for every short he makes, at 1-2 am! in our homey sala in Guijo, we would chorus in shrieks and loud clapping for every shot Rafa retrieves and wins; manang in her place by the sofa and me in a foldable bed just beside the tv. now i could imagine manang being as proud seeing our 'Nadal' reach such heights.

so it is with tenderness that i mark this day, 14 sept, as one of my proudest moments following the path of a once unassuming Spanish player i first saw playing and losing in the outer courts of Wimbledon, now poised to become one of his country's and even the world's best in tennis. Congratulations Rafa!

I too want to save this for posterity. You have just been severely beaten  in a Slam you strongly covet, even doing it by defeating Federer first?  What do you do? Here, the losing finalist, Novak Djokovic, went over to the half side of the court, his vanquisher's zone, and gave Nadal a brotherly hug before shaking hands with the chair umpire.  Such class without the shot-making. 
Two great tennis players at their finest. 

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