Influences (or Why I Write the Way I Do)

Natalie Goldberg (free-flowing writing)
Clarissa Pinkola Estes (wild woman writing)
Jane Hutchison (direct-to-the-point writing)
Ernest Hemingway (simple words writing)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Posterity Bench

just along Swan River in Perth are a row of benches that i call Posterity Benches.  these are not just ordinary benches. these benches are dedications, attestations to lives not necessarily well lived, but definitely well loved.  to loved ones these benches are dedicated. to be placed beside the Swan River is apt enough. the division of land and the sea reminds us of the eternal but bridgeable divide between the now that we can stand on, and the future that we cannot even hold on to. the divide between life and death, to where life and death resides is in itself interchangeable.  I've mentioned this to ShadowMan before. to our great love, i will dedicate trees and benches and trees and benches to etch into eternity a love in full circle. 

On the east side of the Swan River is a row of benches such as this.
I see two old people lovingly holding each other's hands in heaven.

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...this is a consoling blog in times of perplexion...thank you lightworker...even before things are uttered, there you are--- caring, loving, selfless...