Influences (or Why I Write the Way I Do)

Natalie Goldberg (free-flowing writing)
Clarissa Pinkola Estes (wild woman writing)
Jane Hutchison (direct-to-the-point writing)
Ernest Hemingway (simple words writing)

Thursday, September 15, 2011


only an asthmatic could perhaps understand what another asthmatic goes through. on the heyday of my asthma, which pretty much coincided with my confusing teenage years and the hectic work years with schema, a back rub, a hapiyap, one directed at massaging the lungs were a great source of relief. my dad would come to my room, which was shared with the brother then and rub the bottom of his palms down my back, at the right, left and center.  how i desired that comfort every time i have asthma while already working. but then, daddy was already dead and i was already living by my lonesome in one boarding house at bliss-mandaluyong. 

Yaman today has been diagnosed with slight asthma and here now over skype, i watch as lyn (her yaya), give her hapiyap as i've instructed.  told her to refrain from putting cologne on yaman's clothes till she's well and for mom to make sure that her pillows are propped up while she sleeps.  i can only watch as she now lies on the pink sofa, while watching tv. a little later she'll fall asleep na. 

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