Influences (or Why I Write the Way I Do)

Natalie Goldberg (free-flowing writing)
Clarissa Pinkola Estes (wild woman writing)
Jane Hutchison (direct-to-the-point writing)
Ernest Hemingway (simple words writing)

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thinking in Questions

i started around 6am today. relied on the body clock to nudge me awake by 5am, the morning rituals followed, the morning cup of hot water and by my chair facing the white wall, i opened Word and looked at the phrases there right in front of me. where will i start? how will i start re-writing Chapter 2. John Nery advised to 'Think in Paragraphs'. but still, my ideas have yet to be organized. so i have no paragraphs to construct, yet.

so i started with this. I thought in questions. it looked like this:

Then with this, I did some free writing, answering the questions:

Just to give me a start.

and i read the whole day ADB's Urban Poverty in Asia, published in 2014. (except for the yoga intermission from 12-3pm)

Now, I'm writing Chapter 2.

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